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Careers at DigitalFish

We're Hiring Top Talent

What do Google, DreamWorks, LEGO, Pixar and NASA have in common? DigitalFish accelerates innovation for these and other leading companies applying digital media in applications from entertainment to design to aerospace.


Why DigitalFish?

Because you're always looking for a better way to solve a problem, and you're passionate about your life. You thrive on the energy of a group of talented, creative people who love what they do. You want to be in an environment that supports your unique skills and talents. You want to be with folks who appreciate and encourage your desire to constantly learn and grow.

Join a group of dedicated people who are passionate about doing a great job and creating unique solutions to solve our customers' hard problems. Our daily work is to build systems no one else thought could be built, often where others have failed, and when we do our customers think we're hot shots! Join the tradition: come solve “unsolvable” problems with us.


Work With the Newest Technologies

Join a trend-setting team. Our role as an agile, advanced-solutions provider has us always operating on the seam between what is possible today and what will be possible tomorrow. That means keeping up with and working on emerging technologies. In the past, we were among the first to deeply embrace Agile development for large projects, to build software for iPhone and then for iPad, to employ fully-programmable graphics hardware for GPGPU programming, and to apply new software and hardware capabilities in desktop and mobile devices.

Today we are developing software for not-yet-released mobile and digital-media devices, embracing GPU virtualization in the cloud, bringing entertainment-industry technology into new application areas such as manufacturing and aerospace, exploring augmented reality and pervasive computing, and helping our customers uncover new user-involvement and monetization models.

The solutions we pioneer today other companies will become excited about and write about tomorrow. Our role is to be technology leaders, not followers.


Great Perks Too!

Not only do you have the opportunity to work remote and/or work in a flexible office setting, you get:

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Excellent Medical / Dental / Vision coverage
  • Flexible hours and remote-work opportunities
  • Stock Options
  • Immediate vacation accrual and holiday paid time off
  • Career Advancement Path


The Future's So Bright, We Gotta Wear Shades

At DigitalFish, our work is steeped in cutting-edge technologies. We deliver the impossible for our customers in areas ranging from mobile-app design and development, to advanced graphics and user-interaction systems, to client-server and multi-device architecture planning and implementation.

Since 2005, we have established ourselves as a “go-to” source for solving hard problems in advanced graphics, mobility and usability. Today we are a profitable, privately held US-based small business with deep, private financial backing. Tomorrow we will be wherever the challenges of new-technology development in graphics, mobility and usability are too hard for others to solve.




Open Positions

Please check our open positions below. If you don’t see a position that interests you, contact us to let us know how you can make a difference at DigitalFish.

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