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Management Team

Dan Herman
CEO and President
Dan Herman has been active in computer-graphics research, development and production for over 20 years. At Pixar Animation Studios, he managed and led development on projects involving feature animation tools, special effects, autonomous characters, games, and production tracking systems. Prior to his time at Pixar, Dan sailed in the 1995 America's Cup as navigator for the yacht Young America, where he also headed development of the extensive instrumentation system used onboard Young America and its support boats. His previous work in computer graphics centered on CAD/CAM and scientific visualization. He holds a Master's in Computer Science from Cornell University and a Bachelor's in Cognitive Psychology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and Cornell.
Mark Oftedal
Chief Creative Officer
Mark Oftedal, a seven-year Pixar veteran, animated on Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, and Monster's, Inc. and was one of the founding influences in the development of Pixar's character animation group. Mark has been instrumental in the design of the Reflex user interface and has solicited regular advice and feedback from top CG and traditional-media animators. In 2004 Mark co-directed a traditionally animated short film called "The Pumpkin of Nyefar", which has won awards at international animation festivals. Over the past several years Mark has been teaching animation and working closely with large-studio customers in Asia. Mark studied character animation at CalArts.
Douglas Kay
Douglas Kay brings an extensive background of over 27 years in entertainment industry development, production, and technology. Mr. Kay is a consultant to entertainment and technology companies and a Director of the Alliance of CEO's. Mr. Kay was previously President and Chairman of Mondo Media, leading the online-entertainment company through three successful venture rounds and overseeing its growth into the leading creator and syndicator of original entertainment content on the web. Prior to joining Mondo, Mr. Kay was VP of Development for Berkeley Systems, where he was responsible for online and CD-ROM development and supervised the creation of the Berkeley On-Line Network. Previously, Mr. Kay was CTO of LucasArts Entertainment Company and Senior Manager for Digital Operations at George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic, where he founded the ILM Computer Graphics Department in 1985 and grew the department to more than 150 artists and production personnel by 1994. Previously, Mr. Kay was founder and principal of Joblove/Kay, Inc., producing computer-generated animation for television commercials and feature films worldwide. Mr. Kay holds a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Computer Graphics from Cornell University and was jointly awarded the Academy Technical Achievement Award in 1995 for his work at ILM.
Raj Singh
Raj Singh has been an entrepreneur, senior executive, and a technology industry visionary for over 40 years. Raj is a founder and Managing Director at Redwood Venture Partners. Before founding Redwood, Raj had many years of experience as an engineer in high technology companies, starting with National Semiconductor in the early 1980s. After leaving National, he was among the first few employees at both Cirrus Logic and again at Nexgen. In 1992 he began a new career as an entrepreneur, starting a company to develop chip design software. Over the next few years, he started three more companies: Advanced Logic, Fiberlane Communications (later split into Cerent, Siara Systems, and Cyras Systems), and StratumOne. He is the co-author of Digital Design and Synthesis with Verilog HDL. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Roorkee Engineering College, India, and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.


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