“This is going to change the way 3-D animation is done!”
Sean Mullen, Directing Animator, Sony Pictures Animation
“In five years, everyone doing high-end CG will animate using these methods.”
Bay Raitt, Supervising Animator / Creature Facial Lead, Weta Digital; Lead Programmer, Valve Software (makers of Half Life & Half Life 2)
“Thank you for making 3-D animation approachable.”
Frank Terry, Animation Department Chairman, California Institute of the Arts
“For the first time, we were able to start teaching 3-D animation right from the first week of the first year. We never could have done that with Maya.”
Joe Ksander, 3-D Animation Instructor, California Institute of the Arts
“This makes my mouth water... Reflex is the perfect pipeline soulmate for this studio.”
Prateep Siamwalla, Supervising Technical Director, Kantana Animation
“Very impressive!”
Barry Weiss, Senior Vice President, Sony Pictures Animation
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