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Accelerating Innovation in Digital Media

Since 2000 DigitalFish has helped companies of all sizes integrate, streamline, and accelerate their digital-media operations.

In areas ranging from technical and process analysis to system integration to joint development to turnkey system engineering, our clients engage us for discrete projects or ongoing services of critical strategic value.

Often our clients are pursuing hybrid business models through a multiple-platform approach. Knowing people are loyal to brand, not channel, they want to serve new channels at a low marginal cost. We assist them with new ways of sourcing or producing, managing, repurposing and delivering content while creating differentiation through innovation enabling lower cost, better quality, faster turnaround and customization across platforms.

Digital Supply Chain Management

We help build fully integrated digital enterprises by bringing supply chain management to digital media.

We help our clients vertically integrate their digital-media supply chain to reduce costs, improve quality, remove bottlenecks and achieve better process control. We help clients horizontally integrate through intelligent repurposing of digital assets across markets, platforms and delivery models.

Digital supply-chain integration allows our clients to deliver greater value in their content through new production architectures and to develop deeper customer insight and open new revenue channels through new delivery architectures.

Build and Maintain Direct-to-Consumer Relationships

We help you connect to your customers by introducing new capabilites in your content supply chain. These capabilities have helped our clients:

  • gather feedback on the consumption experience
  • develop new offers
  • inform content production
  • develop new content distribution and packaging, and
  • optimize pricing.


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