K-12 Education

Model-Based E-Learning

At the intersection of new student models, new learning models, new user-interaction methods and new content-delivery options lies the basis for disruptive change in teaching, learning and assessment. Together with educational-publishing partners, we are developing an open framework to enable a future educational ecosystem in which all aspects of learning are adapted to the student and his or her unique responses to the learning setting and curriculum.

This platform incorporates evidence-based models for students and learning processes, advanced presentation and user-interaction layers, and performance capture and assessment capabilities.


Pearson CORE Parent

Pearson CORE Parent is an interactive multimedia newsletter app for tablets designed to keep parents informed on news, ideas, trends and technologies relevant to their K-12 school children. Focused around the transition to the new national CORE curriculum, Pearson sought an avenue for engaging parents while establishing trust and comfort with tablet-based content delivery, which will play a key role in Pearson’s future K-12 and post-secondary educational publishing.

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Art Education


One of the challenges for any 3D curriculum is how to balance the need for the students to learn the art of 3D animation against the need to learn the technology. For educators looking to tip the balance towards art, Reflex provides the leverage.

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Reflex Sketch brings the drawing layers of Reflex into a stand-alone, 2-D system built around the principles of traditional animation. Designed for drawing-tablet or light-table use, Sketch is equally well-suited to the drawing and timing needs of a lone student or a large studio. It includes an advanced X-sheet, levels editor, timeline and pipeline-integration functions. It is not a replacement for ink and paint systems, focusing instead on animation planning, drawing and review.

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Art Authority

“An experience unlike any other”– The New York Times

Art Authority is a best-seller featured twice in the New York Times. DigitalFish senior engineer Paul Collins developed the application and server components in collaboration with publisher Open Door Networks.

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Professional Training

Pro Line 21 PFD Simulator

Built for a flight-training school, the simulator faithfully reproduces normal and error-condition behavior and appearance of the highly advanced Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 glass-cockpit primary flight display, providing an inexpensive training platform for a classroom of professional pilots.

DigitalFish has developed other components for commercial and military flight training, including image generators, mapping systems, avionics simulators and classroom-based e-learning tools.

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Energy Star Inspection Trainer

Designed and built by DigitalFish for building-science experts Bonded Building and Engineering, “Leaky House” is a proof-of-concept virtual-reality trainer for inspectors seeking Energy Star building-inspection certification. It runs on tablets, web and desktop under the Unity game engine and employs film special-effects techniques.

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March 17-21, 2019
San Jose, CA

Game Dev Conference (GDC)
March 18-22, 2019
San Francisco, CA

April 6-11, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

April 30 - May 3, 2019
Stuttgart, Germany

VRX Enterprise
May 21-22, 2019
Boston, MA

Augmented World Expo
May 29-31, 2019
Santa Clara, CA

E3 Expo
June 11-13, 2019
Los Angeles, CA

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